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1.1 Ecology Introduction

1.2 History of Ecology

1.3 Environment

   1.3.1  Concept of environment

1.4 Levels of organization in ecology

   1.4.1 Individual

   1.4.2 Population

   1.4.3 Community

   1.4.4 Ecosystem Components of ecosystem Classification of ecosystem Goods and Service provided by ecosystems Ecotone Niche

   1.4.5 Biome

   1.4.6 Biosphere

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binare optionen live ansehen ohne registrierung Climate

What is the difference between climate change and climate variability ?

Climate change cannot be reversed but climate variability can be reversed . Explain ? – (AIR 17 -01-2017)

Is climate variability a byproduct of growth ?


ICSE Environment Class 10
ICSE Environment Class 9


see Main Topics

I. Conservation

  1. Biodiversity Conservation 
  2. Conservation of other Natural Resources 
  3. Conservation of Soil and Land 
  4. Water and Energy Conservation 
  5. Water Conservation at Different Levels 
  6. Energy Conservation 

II. Environmental Pollution and Degradation

  1. Environmental Pollution 
  2. Pollution – Very Basic
  3. Environment and Health
  4. National Environmental Issues
  5. Global Environmental Issues 
  6. Environmental Pollution – Technical

III. Environmental Impact Assessment

  1. Environmental Legislation 
  2. Environmental Impact assessment 
  3. Environmental Related Institutions and Organisations

IV. Disaster and Disaster Management

  1. Disasters and their Management 
  2. Yojana on Disaster Management.
  3.  Disaster Management Report (read very selectively)


Advancement of Green Benches (12 marks)

Causes and the Extent of ‘Desertification’ in India and Remedial Measures (25 marks)

Effect of C.C. on Indian water assets (12 marks)

Endosulphan (25 marks)

Stage IV of tiger observing project (5 marks)

Tiger tourism (25 marks)

E-squander (5 marks) Permaculture (12 marks)

Lessening populace of Vulture (5 marks)

CBD (5 marks)

Billion Acts of Green (2 marks)

Condition Sustainability (5 marks)

What do you comprehend by keep running of the waterway hydroelectricity venture? How is it not the same as some other hydroelectricity venture?

Compose a note on India’s efficient power vitality passage to reduce the issues of regular vitality.

What are the outcomes of unlawful mining? Talk about the service of condition and timberlands’ idea of “GO AND NO GO” zones for coal mining.

Specify the National Water Policy of India. Taking stream Ganges for instance, talk about the techniques which might be embraced for waterway water contamination control and administration. What are the lawful arrangements for administration and treatment of perilous squanders in India?

Should the quest for carbon credit and tidy improvement system set up under UNFCCC be kept up even through there has been a gigantic slide in the estimation of carbon credit? Examine as for India’s vitality requirements for monetary development.

Dry season has been perceived as a debacle in perspective of its gathering cost, worldly length, moderate beginning and enduring impact on different defenseless areas. With an attention on the September 2010 rules from the National calamity administration specialist, talk about the system for readiness to manage the El Nino and La Nina aftermaths in India.

Ecological effect evaluation thinks about are progressively embraced before venture is cleared by the legislature. Examine the natural effects of coal-let go warm plants situated at Pitheads.

What exactly factors can the current emotional fall in gear expenses and levy of sun based vitality be ascribed? What suggestions does the pattern have for the warm power makers and the related business?

Should the quest for carbon credit and tidy improvement instrument set up under UNFCCC be kept up even through there has been a huge slide in the estimation of carbon credit? Talk about concerning India’s vitality requirements for financial development.

Natural effect evaluation contemplates are progressively attempted before venture is cleared by the administration. Talk about the natural effects of coal-let go warm plants situated at Pitheads.

Compose a note on India’s efficient power vitality hall to mitigate the issues of regular vitality.

The Namami Gange and National mission for clean Ganga (NMCG) projects and reasons for blended outcomes from the past plans. What quantum jumps can help protect the waterway Ganga superior to anything incremental sources of info?

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