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Gist of one or two  importance articles will be published weekly..

March 2nd Week

Force-feeding Aadhaar

Bihar’s Burden of Child Stunting

March 3rd Week

Right to be Forgotten

March 4th Week

Right to Healthcare

April 1st Week

IIMs and Reservations

‘Right to Recall’ Reform Experience in Madhya Pradesh

Drawing Blood

April 2nd Week

Being Ladakhi, Being Indian – Identity Formation, Culture and Community

100 Years of Champaran and a Forgotten Figure  

Subversive Silence – The Vyapam scam is a frightening reminder of cynicism and impunity

April 3rd Week

America’s Reckless Syria Policy

Clear Message from Kashmir

No Panacea for Agrarian Distress

April 4th Week

Prescription of Generic Medicines

May 1st Week

Rampal Power Plant – Why India should pull out of it

May 2nd Week

Banking Regulation (Amendment) Ordinance, 2017

May 3rd Week

China’s Belt and Road Initiative – The New Silk Road

May 4th Week

Naxalbari Movement – Different Phases


The figures for out-of-school children put out by various official sources in India show wide variations. The problems lie not just in the definitions but also in methods of estimation. A glaring lacuna in this process is that sporadic or irregular attendance is not taken into account when estimating the number. This paper unpacks the phenomenon through an intensive micro-study of enrolment and attendance of all children in a single panchayat in India. It shows that irregular attendance accounts for a much larger proportion of out-of-school children, with wide variation in attendance across social groups. It also conducts a regression analysis to analyse school and household-level factors that affect student attendance. It finds that school-level factors play a much larger role in determining student attendance.

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