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Netaji IAS provides  gist of Science Reporter Magazine 

Started in 1964, Science Reporter  is one of the oldest English language popular science monthlies published in India. It has a wide circulation throughout the country. From its initial objective of making the people of India aware of the innumerable technologies being developed within our scientific establishments, Science Reporter has today grown into being much more than just a vehicle for relaying information about technologies being developed in the national laboratories. Today it is a popular platform for exchanging ideas about the state of science in the country, matters of science policy, and discussing the future course science in India should take.

Besides, it is also a one-stop solution for students on the lookout for latest updates from the world of science. Inaccessible as foreign scientific journals are to them, they find in Science Reporter a comprehensive package of information, which helps them not only during competitive exams but also throughout their careers. The contributors to Science Reporter include many eminent scientists of national and international standing. At the same time it also encourages upcoming science writers by guiding them editorially.


Science Reporter has always been in the forefront of reporting scientific events as they happen, whether it is an erupting volcano, a landslide, an earthquake or an oil spill. Or for that matter, important issues such as cloning, satellite launches, or the Human Genome Project.

The two-year-long series India Can Do It, that dealt with success stories in Indian science and technology, was widely appreciated. As were the special issues brought out from time to time on varied topics such as environment, food irradiation, natural disasters, and on eminent personalities, such as Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar, C. V. Raman, Ramanujan, Birbal Sahni and M. N. Saha, to name a few.


In every issue, Science Reporter presents a mixed package of humour, science fiction, puzzles, science projects and crosswords, and columns dealing with topics such as computers, environment, health and much more. 


May 2017 Science Reporter Magazine Gist


1. The Story of Moon
2. Ulta Chaata
3. INDIA’S Space Programme

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April 2017 Science Reporter Magazine Gist

1. Vertical farming : Key toMitigating World’s Hunger
2. Vertical Farms in Shipping Containers
3. Safe Drinking Water for All
4. DIVYA NAYAN -Developed by CSIR For the Visually Impaired

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March 2017 Science Reporter Magazine Gist


  1. End of biological mothers?
  2. Cleaning Heavy- Metal Polluted Environment -The Microbe Way
  3. Inheritance of mitochondrial diseases : Can They be Prevented?

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February 2017

January 2017

Making Money in Space



December 2016 ( Compulsory material for UPSC) 2016 Round up Magazine

Science Update 2016

November 2016

Thin Films – Redefining Optics

gist  Science Reporter

Gist  Science Reporter

gist  Science Reporter

gist  Science Reporter