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Yojana Magazine Summary September 2017 Housing for All


  1. Affordable Housing in Urban Areas
  2. Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement
  3. Financing Affordable Housing
  4. Regulating Real Estate Sector
  5. Green Technologies in Affordable Housing
  6. Housing the Poor in Smart Cities
  7. Infrastructure Requirements for Housing for All
  8. Building Durable and Quality Houses in Rural Areas
  9. Cooperative Housing Movement in India
  10. Development Roadmap
  11. Sankalp Se Siddhi –Attainment
  12. Mahatma Gandhi’s Clarion Call “Do Or Die”
  13. India at 70: A Vibrant Democracy

Yojana Summary August 2017 Goods and Services Tax

Features of Yojana Magazine August 2017

A. Summary of 10 Articles
B. 20 UPSC Prelims based MCQ

Total Pages – 79 


  1. GST Regime -A Fillip to Make In India
  2. Creating a Unified Taxation Regime
  3. GST- Dawn of a New Era
  4. Creating A Strong It Backbone
  5. Removing Cascading Effect of Taxes
  6. Balancing Federal Fiscal Relations
  7. GST Means Ease of Doing Business
  8. Profiteering, A GST Implementation Challenge
  9. National Anti-Profiteering Authority
  10. Transitional Challenges Ahead

Yojana Magazine July 2017 Summary – Social Security


  1. Hand-Holding the Elderly
  2. Securing Life’s Second Innings
  3. Tele-Law through CSCs to Mainstream Legal Aid In Rural India
  4. Health for All
  5. Nari Shakthi – Social Security for Women
  6. Empowering the Differently Abled 17
  7. Inclusive India Initiative
  8. Securing Farmer’s Welfare: Reality to Vision
  9. Social Security: Global Scenario
  10. Nurturing a Healthy Learning Environment
  11. Ensuring a Rising Tide
  12. Protecting the Unprotected
  13. Systemic Reforms in MGNREGS
  14. A Commitment to Support Initiatives
  15. ‘Digiyatra’-A New Digital Experience for Air Travellers
  16. Atal Pension Yojana

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  1. Indian Youth : Emerging Power
  2. Job Creation : Challenges and Way Forward
  3. Making a nation of job creators
  4. Flag bearers of Indian Culture
  5. Distance and Online Entrepreneurship Education in India
  6. Quality education for empowering Indian Youth
  7. Bringing youth to the mainstream







a. The Story, of a New India
b. The Swachh Bharat Mission: Everyone’s Business
c. Towards a Clean and Transparent Economy
d. Transforming India into a Digitally Empowered Society
e. Steps for Sound Fiscal Management
f. Digital Payment Platforms Launched
g. Social Sector Initiatives of the Government

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1. Structural Features: Issues – Labour’s Landscape in India:
2. Labour Market Liberalization: Initiatives – Labour Reforms in India
3. Marginized Workforce: Scenario – Informal Labour Market in India
4. Social Security for Workers in Informal Sector
5. Women in Workforce -Ensuring Gender Justice in Labour
6. Safeguarding the Migrant Worker – Towards a National Policy on Migration
7. Protecting the Vulnerable- Reforms in Child Labour Law
8. More than 12 Lakh Children Rehabilitated under National Child Labour Project Scheme since 1988
9. Labour Identification Number or LIN
10. India Innovation Index Launched
11. Mobilizing Finances – Funding – A New Mechanism to Finance Skill Development
12. Labour Policies and Labour Welfare:• An International Comparison
13. Automation: Challenge to Workforce?
14. Labour in Rural India-Impact of MGNREGS on Labour Markets
15. Maintenance of Registers under Various Labour Laws Simplified
16. Digital Literacy for 6 crore Rural Households

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1. Union Budget 2017-2018 : Broader Analysis
2. North Eastern Region in Union Budget 2017-18
3. Rail Budget in New Avatar
4. Assessing the Changes in Structure and Processes
5. SWOT Analysis of the Indian Economy
6. Budget 2017-18: Measures for Growth and Employment Generation.
7. Highlights of The Budget 2017-18

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 February 2017 PDF-  Cashless Economy 


  1. Demonetization — A Look Back at the last Two Months
  2. World’s Largest LED Street Lighting Programme
  3. Road Connectivity Project for Left Wing Extremism Affected Areas approved
  4. From the cash economy to less cash economy
  5. Demonetization – Impacting Elections
  6. Less Cash Economy: Impact on Black Money
  7. Cyber Security: Issues and Way Forward
  8. Achieving A Cashless Rural Economy
  9. Payment Systems in India Driving “Less Cash Economy”
  10. BHIM will create Equality

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Netaji IAS Yojana January 2017 Gist 

Disaster Management– Summary

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Yojana Magazine Netaji IAS Quiz

January 2017- Disaster Management Quiz PDF – 16 Questions (Only PDF file of Quiz)

January 2017- 16 Questions -Disaster Management ( click here to participate in quiz online)


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September 2016 :  Women Empowerment

October 2016  : Textiles

November 2016 : Tax Reforms

December 2016 ( xaam link) – Science and DEVELOPMENT 

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  1. January – Good Governance 
  2. February – Direct Benefit Transfer
  3. March – Union Budget
  4. April – Disability
  5. May – Social Media
  6. June – Environment and sustainable energy
  7. July – Public service Broadcasting
  8. August – Inclusive democracy
  9. September – Education for all 
  10. October – Growth,Employment and poverty
  11. November – Land and Natural resources 
  12. December  – Right to Food

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  1. January – Tribal and Marginalized Communities
  2. February –Public Health
  3. March –Administrative Reforms
  4. April – Indian Economy Performance ,challenges and prospects
  5. May – Energy security
  6. June – Indian Agriculture
  7. July – Democracy and electoral reforms
  8. August – Union budget
  9. September – Urban Planning
  10. October –Informal Sector
  11. November –Technology,Innovation and Knowledge economy
  12. December –FDI and International Trade

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  1. January-Sanitation, Development and social change

February-Federalism and Indian Polity

March-Union Budget 2015

April-Manufacturing Sector

May- Tourism

June- Alternative Medicine

July- International relations a new Vistas.

August- Inclusive Growth and social change

September – Smart cities Transforming urban landscape

October- skill development : scaling new heights

November- Transport

December- Climate change and sustainability

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  1. January- Education

February- Health

March- Union Budget 2016-17

April- North East  on the development horizon

May : Differently Abled

June : India Strides

July : Water : A Precious resource

August : Power for all

September :  Women Empowerment

October : Textiles

Yojana Regional Languages archive 2016.

Yojana Magazine Regional Languages archive 2015.

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