Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

Place no judgment on what is necessary to be inspired. Free yourself to gain inspiration from anything, from everything, from nothing.

Enjoy life’s beauty to its fullest by not being dependent on it. Sink into the beauty, absorb it for your own, while not allowing it to consume you.

Inspiration radiates from your true nature. To feel inspired is to feel your authentic essence.

Distractions need not tarnish your inspiration when love and truth are at its source. Every big and little thing contributes to the magic that is your experience.

Give to every effort the benefit of being an inspired effort. Do this simply by making the effort, with persistence, with joy, no matter what.

Inspiration is not something you must wait for, wish for, strive for, or arrange. It is yours in your truth, in your love, in your desire to make a difference.

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