LSTV – PF Summary

Lok Sabha – TV – Public Forum Summary

Summary of important topics related to civil service will be published.

January 2017

Why to Pay Service Charge?

Educating Minorities – Focus on Muslim education

Promoting Scientific Excellence


World Economic Forum 2017

Small Sector: Big Push Needed 

Economic Survey (2016-2017)

February 2017

All about Steel 

National Women Parliamentarian Conference

India’s Oil Strategy

Poisoned Air

 Improving Tax Administration

QR Codes : The Future of Payments

March 2017

Exploring Gender Pay Gap

April 2017

Ban on Beacon

July 2017

AIR India disinvestment

Rejuvenating The Ganga


Lok Sabha –  is made out of delegates of the general population picked by coordinate race on the premise of the grown-up suffrage. The greatest quality of the House visualized by the Constitution is 552, which is made up by race of upto 530 individuals to speak to the States, upto 20 individuals to speak to the Union Territories and not more than two individuals from the Anglo-Indian Community to be assigned by the Hon’ble President, if, as he would like to think, that group isn’t sufficiently spoken to in the House. The aggregate elective enrollment is circulated among the States such that the proportion between the quantity of seats designated to each State and the number of inhabitants in the State is, so far as practicable, the same for all States.

Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha