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The Press Information Bureau, commonly abbreviated as PIB, is a nodal agency of the Government of India. PIB disseminates information to the print, electronic and new media on

  1. Government plans,
  2. Policies,
  3. Programme initiatives and
  4. Achievements

All of these 4 pointers are of immense importance for IAS Prelims. The unique feature of PIB is that by the very nature of its roles & responsibilities, it never misses on any news (however unglamorous) related to policy matters. And this is precisely what UPSC looks for – How well versed an aspirant is with the priority areas of Indian Governance (Polity, Economics, World Affairs).

It is possible that Hindu or Indian Express might not cover (or give them lesser space) small, seemingly insignificant declarations like SWAYAM, TEEB etc. (which came in IAS Prelims 2016) but PIB ensures that everything is covered.

Latest PIB Releases

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Gist of PIB 

PIB@Fortnight  is a bi-monthly magazine published by Netaji IAS .

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