Prelims Paper 1

UPSC Prelims Paper 1 2017 IAS Preparation Books and Sources -PRELIMS Prelims Paper 1 EXAMINATION


Important Sources – Follow any one newspaper mainly. Always give first preference to  The Hindu. Business line and The Indian Express editorial is also important.

The Hindu – The Hindu What to read will help beginners to eliminate and select the right option.

The Indian Express

Press Information Bureau – We provide you weekly gist

PRS -Only refer bills introduced recently.

IDSA: Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis

Yojana and Kurukshetra – We provide separate gist for both magazines.

Rajya Sabha TV Programmes

The Big Picture: daily (Mon-Fri) program which features discussion on one topic of current national or international importance

Indian Standard Time: weekly; an interview show with visiting foreign dignitaries and intellectuals

India’s World: weekly; discussion on world affairs with diplomats and analysts

Policy Watch: weekly; a show featuring discussion of national economic policies

State of the Economy: weekly; an interview show with key decision makers and analysts

World Panorama: weekly; roundup on world affairs and events

Law of the Land – Discussion on important bills




Modern India

NCERT – Class 8th– ‘Our Pasts – III’

NCERT-Class 12th ‘Modern India’ (OLD)

Tamil Nadu Edition- Class 12th

TMH Modern Indian History


Spectrum Modern India – Rajiv Ahir

Reference Book: India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra; Plassey to Partition by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay


Medieval India

NCERT – Class 7th–‘Our Pasts –II’

NCERT – Class 11th ‘Medieval India’

Tamil Nadu Edition-Class 11th


Ancient India

NCERT- Class 11th ‘Ancient India’ (OLD)- R.S. Sharma

NCERT- Class 12th ‘Themes in Indian History- Part I’

Tamil Nadu Edition – Class 11th


Art and Culture

CCRT Website –  CCRT ;

Fine Arts NCERT

TMH Nitin Singania Art and Culture



NCERT – Class 11th

Fundamentals of Physical Geography

India physical environment

NCERT – Class 12th

Fundamentals of Human Geography

India – People and Economy

Atlas: Oxford School Atlas

Certificate Physical and Indian Geography – Goh Cheng Leong



NCERT- Class 11th and 12th

Indian Polity – M Laxmikanth

Reference Book: Bakshi ,Subash Kashyap Our Parliament, OurPolitical System,Our Constition 3 books,Introduction to Indian Constitution – D.D.Basu



Macroeconomics- Class 12th , NCERT

NCERT 11th – Indian Economic Development

Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh

Indian Economy Key concepts – Sanakar Ganesh

For understanding concepts refer




The Hindu-Monday Edition

NCERT- Class 6th to 10th

NCERT – Biology – 11th (Unit IV & V only – read basic concepts not technical details)

NCERT Biology – 12th (Chapters 4, 5 and rest from 7 to 16)

NCERT – Biology – 12th (OLD) – Chapter 9 onwards

NCERT – Physics – 11th (Chap 1,5 & 8) and 12th (Chap 15 only)

NCERT – Chemistry – 11th (Chap 1 & 14 only) and 12th (Chap 14 & 16 only)

The Hindu Speaks on Scientific Facts – Volume 1,2,3

TMH Science and Technology

Science reporter- We provide Gist of SR



Science NCERT books mentioned above

Shankar IAS Environment text

Current affairs

Down to Earth – We are planning to introduce gist


India yearbook 2016

Current affairs

Ending notes:

UPSC Prelims Paper 1  asks questions from anywhere under the sun.So we will never make you restrict your choices. But the above is essential for a solid preparation. There are people who qualify without even reading NCERTs or any most followed resources. The key to their success is smart study. They spend more time in chalking out what not to study than what to study.

The CSAT aptitude test or Paper-II of the Civil Services (Preliminary) examination will be a qualifying paper only with a minimum of 33% to be secured to sit for the Civil Services (Mains) exam.


TMH Manual – General Studies Paper I – 2015
Web Portal and apps launched beetween Jan- Dec 2016 PDF

2016 Sports (Jan-Dec) by AffairsCloud
2016 Obituary(Jan-Dec) by AffairsCloud
2016 Committee (Jan-Dec) by Affairscloud
2016 Books-Authors (Jan- Dec) by AffairsCloud
2016 Awards (Jan-Dec) by AffairsCloud

Gist of NCERT

Gist of History

Gist of Indian Polity

Gist of Economics

Gist of Geography

Gist of General Science

The Hindu Gist January 2017