Rags to Riches – Korean Orphan Artist – Sungbong Choi -Video with 16 crore+ Youtube views

Sungbong Choi was born in Seoul, and was abandoned at an orphanage when he was three. He ran away from the orphanage to escape physical abuse, took a bus to Daejeon, and started living in the red light districts.

Sungbong Choi
Native name 최성봉
Born February 18, 1990 (age 26)
Seoul, South Korea
Genres Vocal, Popera, Classical crossover
Occupation(s) Artist, author
Labels Sony Music Entertainment, Bongbong Company
Website www.sungbongchoi.co.kr

Korea’s Got Talent
On 6 June 2011, Choi’s performance of Ennio Morricone’s “Nella Fantasia” on Korea’s Got Talent moved judges and audience members to tears. He introduced himself as a manual laborer who had made a living selling gum and energy drinks for ten years. All three judges, Kolleen Park, Jang Jin and Song Yun-ah, were impressed with his vocal talent. Choi advanced to the finals of the competition, finishing second by only 280 votes.


YouTube sensation
Choi’s performance clip was posted to YouTube and triggered a worldwide Internet sensation, receiving praise from pop stars Justin Bieber, BoA, Jung-Hwa Um, several hundred thousand fans on Facebook and also political figures including South Korea’s former president Lee-Myung-Park. One version with English subtitles has triggered international press interest and a worldwide view that Choi was “the next Susan Boyle”. The video itself has received over 161,187,117 views as of September 19, 2016, and the number is still rising.

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