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The Hindu – Question Corner

Earth Sciences : Atmosphere

What is acid rain?

What is nuclear winter

How does the solar wind affect Earth?

Why is the hole in the ozone layer found over the Antarctica region ?

What is the conducting medium for Lightning to reach Earth ?

Why are rain clouds black ?

Earth Sciences : Geology

The East Coast is more often affected than the West Coast due to low pressure from Bay of Bengal. Why is it so? Does geographical area of the sea has anything to do with this?

How do icebergs form?

Is it true that granites and marbles release small amounts of nuclear radiation?

How does earth exhibit magnetic properties?

What is the peculiar smell of the earth after the first shower?

Why does rain come in drops and not in a continuous stream?

What is meant by cloud burst?

What are the conditions favourable for the formation of quick sand?

Earth Sciences : Hydrology

How is energy produced from tidal waves?

What is the best method of water purification?

Is it necessary to change the water in an aquarium periodically?

Life Sciences : Botany

Why do plants and trees have different colours and attractive patterns / flowers on them?

Do plants, like human beings feel pain?

How is water formed inside coconut and what is its composition?

Why does the flesh colour of a cut brinjal turn to rust brown after some time?

What is freshness in fruits and vegetables? How does refrigeration play a role in maintaining the freshness? If so, is not the shrinkage due to dehydration, a measure of loss of freshness?

How do fruits acquire sweetness?

Why does turmeric powder turn red in colour when mixed with slaked lime?

How is it possible that peepal tree releases oxygen all the time?

Life Sciences : Zoology

What is meant by test tube babies?

Why do infants cry soon after birth?