Toppers notes

Toppers Notes



1.Neeraj singh(AIR 11,2014) notesPublic administration,Indian economy and general studies 

2.Geography Optional Notes –  IAS Topper VP Gautham (AIR-138 | CSE-2013)

3.UPSC Mains GS1, GS2, GS3 handwritten Notes – Ashish Agrawal (AIR-209 | CSE-2013)

4.Public Administration handwritten Notes – Ashish Agrawal (AIR-209 | CSE-2013)

5.Sociology Notes – IAS Topper Kshitij Tyagi-Download here

6.GS & Public Administration Notes – IAS Toppers Neeraj Singh (AIR-11/CSE-2011)

7.GS, Public Administration & Commerce Notes – Om Kashera (AIR-17 | CSE-2011)

8. Nitin sanghwan 

1. Culture 2. Modern Indian History 3. India After Independence 4. Geography

5. World History 6. Environment and Ecology 7. Economy 8. Science and Tech & Internal Security

9.(Download) UPSC Topper Gaurav Agarwal Study Notes in PDF