World Focus Articles

World Focus Articles

World Focus is a premier Indo-centric foreign affairs journal since 1980. Today WF is an independent platform for discussion and analysis of International Issues with an Indian perspective. Policy analysts, policy-makers, experts, diplomats, distinguished scholars, decision-makers and persons of eminence write comprehensively and contribute to World Focus each month. World Focus focuses on current affairs, international affairs, economic diplomacy, foreign policy and national security issues.

Important articles from World Focus will be published here

January 2017 – World Focus

Russia In Global Energy Scenario

Russia-Us Relations Post Trump Victory: A Turning Point?

February 2017 – World Focus

Radical Islam and Terrorism: A Discourse

The South China Sea Dispute: An Overview 

March 2017 – World Focus

Politics of Indo – Pacific Region and India’s Foreign Policy

ASEAN: Evolution, Performance and Challenges

India’s Outreach in Pacific Ocean and Shaping the World Politics

April 2017 – World Focus

The One China Principle: An Overview

May 2017 – World Focus

India-China and India-Pakistan Border Settlement Towards De-escalating Tensions & Ending Terroism


World Focus Articles Considering the importance of the magazine and its articles which are of huge use for the UPSC Mains General Studies/Essay Paper, we at IAS100 are presenting summary and examination of World Focus Magazine. A portion of the unmistakable highlights of the scientific substance gave by us are as per the following